Edi Prifti

Edi Prifti graduated in biomedical informatics in 2007 and received his PhD in bioinformatics from the Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris) in 2011. His research focused on integrative centrality measures in omics derived networks applied to complex diseases such as Obesity and diabetes. Since 2010 after he joined the INRA/MetaGenoPolis lab he focused extensively in developing methods and tools (MetaOMineR package suite) for the analysis of very large quantitative metagenomics data and applied them to multiple medical conditions (Obesity, Liver Cirrhosis, Diabetes, HIV, etc). In 2015 he joined the Institute of Cardiometabolic and Nutrition (ICAN) as a researcher and is at present the deputy director of the IntegrOmics department. He is particularly interested in exploring and understanding the microbial ecosystem that inhabits our guts and that is tightly associated with health and disease.