The first day of the summer school is a day of plenaries in the auditorium, introducing the themes of the 4 thematic groups. The students have to choose one of the 4 thematic groups that they will follow for the following 6 days. In each group, the first part of the week will consist in theory and practical. The second part of the week the students will work in subgroups of 3-5 and carry on mini-projects on real data under the supervision of the trainers. The last day of the summer school is in the auditorium again and is a day of review and practice sessions for each mini-project.

Compared to the initial tentative programme, the school now starts a day later. The other change is that now there is an optional 2-day pre-conference R class for 30 students.

So, to summarize, the updated dates are:

    • 16-17 September for the R class (9:00am – 5:00pm), with hotel check-in from the 15th of September (afternoon);
    • 18-24 September for the CBID school (9:00am – 5:00pm), with hotel check-in from the 17th of September (afternoon) and hotel check-out until the 25th of September (morning).