The total number of participants is limited to 90. Participants will be selected on their curriculum and motivation. Priority will be given to candidates based in Asia (being Asian or not). Other candidates may be considered based on the number of available places.The deadline for application is the 10th of July.To apply, proceed by logging in below. You can modify your application at any time until the deadline. In case of problem, send an email to

The announcement of the results of the selection will be communicated to the applicants with some delayed and is reported by the 1st of August. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Before you apply, consider the following points:

(1) English: the language of the summer school is English. It is thus important that you have a good enough level in English so that you can efficiently participate in the school. Please attach English certificates to your CV if you have any.

(2) R: some thematic groups have require some knowledge in the R programming language (see programme and description of the thematic groups). For those of you who don’t know R yet, these thematic groups provide some online tutorial that you are expected to follow before attending the summer school. Please make sure that you can fulfill this requirement. R will not be taught during the summer school.

(3) Laptop: attendees will have to bring their own laptop in reasonable working conditions (i.e. not too old and not too small: mini-laptops of less than 13 inches won’t fit).

(4) Commitment: we require commitment from the participants to attend the summer school for its whole duration (8 days). Please make sure in advance you will be able to fulfill this commitment.